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Image by Drew Patrick Miller

Everything Atlas create is based on ongoing research & development, rigorous testing and extensive listening.


The final ingredient?


A deep love of music.

We design & manufacture. Not everyone does.

We design and manufacture primarily in Scotland, which has a long tradition of engineering excellence. A number of cable brands are really more ‘assemblers’ than manufacturers, with products typically assembled from a combination of ‘off the shelf’ parts, so the core conductor itself, the insulating materials, terminations and the final performance parameters are all limited by what’s already available.

Our control over the design and manufacturing process ensures complete consistency in assembly and excellent quality control, allowing us to offer a five year guarantee. 

It also gives us the ability to build custom versions of our products as our customer’s requirements change.


Our unique ‘DNA.’

When we create a cable, plug or accessory, we don’t reach for someone else’s component catalogue.

We define the performance specifications we’re aiming for,

then design and manufacture whatever we need to meet (or exceed) them.

All Atlas products are our intellectual property, you'll not find the same cables or plugs elsewhere; in short all Atlas products are unique to Atlas.

Original Thinking. Total Control.

We frequently go right back to first principles. For example, what if there’s a better way to build a phono plug? Then we’ll design, prototype, test and manufacture accordingly.


This thinking lead to the development of the low-mass/high bandwidth Achromatic & Ultra RCA plugs and more recently our Metik connectors used on products for the personal audio market.  

This degree of control over the entire process from CAD concept drawings to listening room tests ensures consistent performance levels and synergy across our entire range, and allows us to introduce some very advanced technology remarkably cost-effectively.


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